[photo] 11'1206 爽杖軒 嬢趨球 層呪 -2- 設淳 監硯 ⊂0⊂

監硯廃 層呪 ^-^

薦亜 践 疏焼梅揮 今什闘痔 せせせ
層呪醤 刊蟹亜 弦戚 焼海舘雁^.^ ⊂

層呪 角 設持医什獣革食⊂⊂

uonyong 11.12.07  
He looks like a prince last night. T.T So bright and I love his hair style.
ぉぉ 11.12.07 DELETE
数澗暗坐 錠錠ばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばばば
bou 11.12.07  
sooooo cute ah~~~~
wae junsu looks good and blink
I love all his accessories ><"
undo 11.12.07  
数澗暗 角 戚姿倉 ^_^
bou// yes, i agree ^o^) /
差周焼 11.12.07  
せせせ 勧姶壱 啄微 紫遭拭 薩 斗閃辞.. 煽掘亀 什肩背推 層呪!!せせせ
坦製尽澗汽 切爽切爽 人亀鞠倉?せせ 紫遭 姶紫備 設左壱 亜推^^
11.12.07 DELETE
奇越 5鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
pig 11.12.07  
Stella 11.12.07  
thanks for sharing
aorjs 11.12.07  
pretty boy ><
sunie 11.12.08  
My angel :x
Thank you so much for sharing ^^
i love Jun-chan smile so much :x
His smile is so bright
undo 11.12.08  
sunie// ^.^ His beautiful smile makes my heart throb....^3^⊂
11.12.08 DELETE
奇越 10鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
. 11.12.08 DELETE
新乞柔 疏陥..
sunie 11.12.09  
undo// yes hehe ^^
X.Gasoo 11.12.24  
My little prince⊂0⊂
いい 12.01.17 DELETE
紫遭 格乞 戚撒推~
J.D. 12.02.23  
so cute honey
12.02.23 DELETE
奇越 15鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
penny 12.02.23  
so cute ,thanks for sharing
Fastlane 12.02.24  
Junsu I love you saranghae.
You are so handsome.
Thank you
yingyingxiah 12.02.26  
pretty boy
my sunshine
my angel~~~~
always so beautiful~~~
baby please always smile~~
勧寡勺戚 12.03.09  
生売 疑越疑越買艦 瑛食雀 ばば 廃脊幻 凹弘嬢 左扇ばば
坪坪 12.03.19  
秤 ばばばば 掻娃拭 勧姶壱 赤澗 紫遭 角 瑛食趨推 ばばばばばば
12.03.19 DELETE
奇越 20鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
葛聖 12.03.20  
勧姶壱 赤澗 紫遭 格巷 瑛食趨推 ぬぬぬぬぬ
i cant imagine how my life will be if i cannot see your smile
軒追益 12.03.20  
遭促 監硯 馬革推 ^0^ ばばばばばばばば
janello 12.03.21  
ah he really is handsome >< with the cute bowtie of jewels~
couple 12.03.22  
層呪亜 訊 戚係惟 瑛食趨遂...ばばばばばばばば 格巷 格巷... 格巷 瑛娠革食 ぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬぬ
12.03.22 DELETE
奇越 25鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
鉢縦 12.03.22  
害切昔汽 社鰍旭精 ば_ば
Chompoo 12.06.04  
焼戚姥 瑛食趨推 ばば 姶紫球験艦陥 ばば
燭軒 13.02.25  
亀恵還 旭焼推!! じ設持設持
barbie 13.04.16  
how can a person be so handsome and cute? it's not fair ;;
babykai 13.11.10  
13.11.10 DELETE
奇越 30鯵 宜督! 奇越 希 含 暗虞 源楳!
tJXC3P0O9S 16.04.22 DELETE
Gosh, I wish I would have had that infiomatorn earlier!
S6KorMZcEvLI 16.04.22 DELETE
I reockn you are quite dead on with that.